Winter Market

Cook's Valley Farm Winter Market

Our Winter On-Line Market

After Thanksgiving you can continue to buy produce through our on line market.  The winter market goes from Thanksgiving until mid-June when the farm stand opens again.

How does it work?

Using email produce lists with prices are sent out weekly.  If you want to purchace anything that week send us back a list and which of two pickup periods you will be coming (Tue. 2-7; or Sat. 10-2).  We then pack your order and have it ready when you come.  A cofirmation e-mail is sent to you the night before your pick-up day. You pay cash or check when you pick up your order.

How to receive produce lists

Many of our customers enjoy being able to purchace local produce through the winter.  If you are not already on our e-mail list and would like to be please sign up on our home page.

Market Mobile

Farm Fresh RI-Market Mobile


Purchacing wholesale local produce

What Is Market Mobile?


Market Mobile is an online market that makes it easy for restaurants, food co-ops, stores, and cafeterias to purchace local produce from many different local farms and producers

How do I get started?


Just go to and click on the market mobile program